About Us

Exceptional. Experience.

P.A.C.E. Travel is a premier education, performance, and Christian school student group travel company creating truly customized encounters.

With high ­quality programs available for several domestic and international destinations, the professionals at P.A.C.E. help outline a travel experience that is tailored for your group, not the impersonal, prepackaged trips created by large corporate tour companies. Each itinerary is designed to leave impressions on students, chaperones, and faculty that are both powerful, and positive.

All trips are led by knowledgeable tour guides who not only provide a safe experience for the participants, but are also available to facilitate in depth studies, discussions, and experiential education outlines.

Join the thousands of students, educators, and staff who have experienced a P.A.C.E. led trip and created positive memories that will last a lifetime!

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