80th Anniversary Pearl Harbor Mass Band and Parade

Your band can perform at Pearl Harbor, on the dock for the U.S.S. Missouri, with other outstanding musicians from around the United States of America, and Japan, in a massed band concert – December 7, 2021. 

December 7, 1941 is forever etched in the history and culture of both countries. It is our ultimate goal to pay tribute, and never forget the tragedies of WWII. Our mission of this cultural exchange is to show the world in a truly remarkable manner how cultures once opposed can now work together and learn from each other through the gift of music. Your visit to the islands will not only honor our Veterans, but will also help educate the students and provide a hands-on lesson about a pivotal moment in our worlds’ history that is hard to re-create in the classroom. 

This is truly a “Once in a Lifetime” opportunity for music students, music educators, and band families across the Nation. Please contact our staff to find out how your performance band can be included in this great opportunity.

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