Heritage Tours

"National honor is a national property of the highest value."
James Monroe ­ U.S. President (1817­ - 1825)

P.A.C.E. Travel helps history come alive through guided American Heritage Tours in historically significant destinations like Washington, DC, Philadelphia, Boston, Colonial Williamsburg and the famous battlefields of Yorktown and Gettysburg.

P.A.C.E. American Heritage Tours become an extension of the classroom, magnifying the pages of history textbooks through real life encounters with some of our Country’s best evidence of National pride.

Led by highly knowledgeable and deeply patriotic tour guides, custom writers the experience becomes much more than what is listed in a travel guide book. Students will hear untold or long forgotten stories of the formation of our Country that will both inform and inspire.

Whether the main focus of a class field trip or an addition to a performance opportunity in one of the destination cities, P.A.C.E. American Heritage Tours will undoubtedly provide positive memories that last a lifetime. Many students, educators and chaperones that have experienced a P.A.C.E. led tour return home with a resolve to be better, more productive citizens of the United States.

To plan and customize a life-­changing tour of one of the many historical destinations across the Country, contact a Travel Coordinator to begin the process.